Our coffee is meticulously small-batch roasted to emphasize sweetness and balance. With frequent cupping, our team has honed in on flavor profiles that tickle all taste buds. We work to produce many different coffees with consistent, satisfying quality. With a wide variety of beans and roast levels, we make it easy to find what you love in coffee, from fruity to baker’s chocolate, and everything in between.

In addition, the Roastology crew aims to support organic, bird-friendly, direct-trade, and fair-trade beans as often as possible. We acknowledge that excellent coffees come from farms with healthy ecosystems and the right resources to grow and process coffee. We make every effort to support these farmers.


Seasonal Blend — Summer Solstice

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This seasonal special features a triad of bean origins: Honduras, Nicaragua, and Uganda. All three origins are harvested at altitudes of at least 1400m, allowing them greater proximity to the sun as they ripen. Each farm is strongly rooted in their local community and environment. The level of care given to each bean can be tasted in how the cup unfolds on the palate.

At first sip, the flavors of a classic summertime black tea come to mind. It is deepened with syrupy notes of tree fruits that transition into lemon-like, vegetal characteristics, reminiscent of a summer sun.

Together, these coffees combine to form a bright cup that boosts the mood and energy of the drinker – much like the summer solstice!

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For the daring: Chemex!
For the rest: v60.

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